February 12, 2010

5 Ways to Train Your Mind Like an Olympian

“The outer condition of a person’s life will always reflect their inner beliefs.” – James Allen


Every Olympics there is a Cinderella story. One athlete will outperform other far better athletes. How does he or she do it?


The fact is, it’s not just a Cinderella story. There are people all over the world that will turn around their lives in a phenomenal way in 2010. How can you have poise under pressure at a time when you need it most?


The one thing that matters most is what and how you think. Here are five ways to train your mind like an Olympian:

  1. Clarify your CP3.  Your purpose, passion, and inner peace (CP3) is where your strength lies. Journal on what you value most, what you love more than life itself, and what gives you inner peace. Come up with three words or less that exemplifies that which makes you fully authentic. Set daily reminders to go off with those words.
  2. Write your goals as affirmations every day. Get a notebook to use just for your goals. Start each day by writing five goals in the form of an affirmation. For example if your goal is to be an All-Star this year, you might write: “I am more focused and confident every day as an All-Star ________ (your position).” Or if your goal is to lose 20 pounds by March 17, you might write, “I am getting slimmer and healthier every day as I weigh ______ by March 17.” Every day you’ll write down the same goals (unless they change) in an affirming way, but perhaps written in a slightly different positive manner (whatever comes to mind that day).
  3. Get centered. After you write your goals, clear your mind and focus your energy. Take a few long, slow deep breathes. On your breath in (through your nose) say, “I embrace” and your breath out say, “this moment.” With the next breath say, “I expect” on the way in, and “nothing” on the way out. (This Samurai saying clears your mind to handle any circumstance). Repeat this 2-3 times.
  4. Transform your beliefs. Think about an area of your life that you’ve been struggling with. This is an area in which you have limiting beliefs. Write down your top 3 or 4 beliefs about this area of your life – the first things that come to your mind. Now write down the predominant thoughts of someone who is truly amazing in this area.  Spend 5 minutes a day writing down these new, empowering thoughts and repeat them throughout the day.
  5. Zap the negatives. There is one opponent that you must always look out for, and it’s not your boss, your job, or the economy. It’s your ego mind—and the negative thoughts, self-doubt, and self-rejection that hurts you the most. Wear a rubber band and snap it each time a negative thought appears, then replace each negative thought with its opposite.

Photo credit: Michael Francis McCarthy