How to Think and Train Like a World-Class Performer

What is the missing ingredient that prevents most people from reaching the next level in their career and life? It’s the ability to be focused and confident in the face of ever-increasing pressure and unexpected change.


Those who excel under adversity are those who:

  • Lead with their heart
  • Have an expansive vision
  • Have learned how to be fully present
  • Are unattached to their biggest goals, yet still passionately pursue them 100%
  • Have a powerful purpose, one that’s meaningful and fulfilling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete or executive, or what your sport or vocation. The question is, can you focus in the moment and bring all your energy to that moment, when you need it?


Hi, my name is Jim Murphy and I spent 10,000 hours over a five year period researching high performance, interviewing dozens of sport psychologists, numerous world champions, and many other extraordinary people.


I wanted to know:

  1. What are the specific skills and training methods used by world-class performers that allow them to be focused and confident in the most pressure-filled situations?
  2. What does it take to be truly extraordinary and live a balanced, meaningful life?

Here’s what I found:

  • Most world-class performers have a different perspective on life and competing than the rest of us.
  • Poise under pressure is mostly a learned skill.
  • Much of the struggles we have in our pursuit of success stem from focusing on the wrong things.
  • Elite performers in all walks of life face the same major obstacle: their own minds.
  • If you have vision and belief, extraordinary things start to happen.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned is that we ALL have the ability to be filled with incredible confidence, poise, and inner peace, as well as the potential to be overwhelmed by fear.


The difference between being world-class and outclassed can be very small. In fact the difference between extraordinary and ordinary may be less than 2%. But that 2% makes all the difference in the world. Many of the world-class performers I studied were not overly exceptional in high school. In fact the average Navy Seal has no special pedigree as an athlete or student.


The one thing that stood out with extraordinarily successful people—that separated them from everyone else – is that they had a different mindset than the rest of us.


They saw opportunity where we saw obstacles. They saw beauty where we saw ugly. They persevered when everyone else gave up. They learned to be different, when we learned to become like everyone else. And they learned all this, as you’ll see as we journey together, because they learned how to train the heart.


Today I coach some of the best athletes and leaders in the world, putting on corporate off-site retreats in beautiful places around the world. I teach people how to live a fully-engaged life, with peace and confidence, especially under pressure when they need it most.