Jim, this was an amazing and exciting experience (Inner Excellence retreat). I can assure you it will have a significant impact on my life. So a big thank you and I can’t wait to talk to you again for the 1:1. What was most valuable to me from the retreat: Defining my purpose, learning how to use it in my life at home and at work, learning how to be fully engaged, mind/body/spirit.

Segolene Defline, Market Director, KFC France

“One session working with Jim changed a lifetime of experiences for me. I had some traumatic events in my life as a child. Jim taught me about human behavior and helped me access fears stuck in my subconscious mind. In dealing directly with the event, I saw my mother hugging me and saying she loved me, something that had neither been done nor said in many years. It was such a load off my shoulders, even though it was only on my end as I hadn’t spoken to my mother in a long time. A few months later I visited my mother, this time with forgiveness and an open heart, and she greeted me with a hug and said she loved me, just like I saw in my session with Jim.”

Yazmin Sanchez Pineda, Engineer

I feel so blessed and honored that I had the opportunity to work with you this week. What helped me the most at the retreat: the ability to define my purpose in life, learning to stay centered and drop my attachments, and the power of unconditional love.

Mark van ‘t Loo, Market Director, YUM! Brands, KFC Netherlands

I first got in touch with Jim’s Inner Excellence program through his book. It was a gift from Yum! CEO, David Novak, to different executives across the organization.


It came to me at a crucial point in my professional life, as I was playing a new role for a year with much more scope and responsibility, and I was feeling the pressure (mostly coming from myself) to meet the expectations from others.  What impacted me the most at that time was to learn to be completely focused on the present; not on the past that I cannot change, nor the future which is beyond my control.


Inner Excellence helped me operate with a clear vision of where I’m heading and laser focus on the present, which is the only thing I have control.  It made a huge impact, as I let go on the anxiety created by myself and others, allowing me to perform with confidence, hence improving my impact and performance.


Six months later, my boss brought together the entire team for a one week retreat with Jim himself.  It was a turning point for my personal and professional life.


The Inner Excellence retreat helped me look deep inside, to what defines me, which are my beliefs and values. This set the ground to find the most meaningful outcome of the course: to have absolute clarity on my purpose. As a Christian believer, I had some work done on this before. But the atmosphere and surroundings created the mindset and inspiration to connect with it and I was able to state it as I have never done before.  I found with Jim a lot of common beliefs, which helped me polish and elevate them.


Six months after the retreat, I’ve changed in so many ways, how I interact with people, impact others and avoid judgements, that I’ve been enjoying my work and family life as I never done before, and as a result improving my performance dramatically.  But all of these by first connecting with God’s unconditional love and beauty, which was immensely reinforced by Jim.

Manuel Zamudio, General Manager, KFC Spain, YUM! Brands

Jim, I wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me. You gave me the hope to become the person I wanted to be, by telling me, it’s possible because others did.


• I realized I can realize my deepest dreams.
• I realized I wasn’t crazy.
• I realized I was in the right way for my life, consequently most of the doubts disappeared.


And because my confidence grew so much I have started to truly live. You gave me a key which can open all the doors. Everything is happening NOW. (I was sure this key was somewhere on earth, I was looking for it many years. I followed my heart, completely blind by the hope to find it, and I came to Vancouver and I finally got it).


The most helpful things you’ve taught me: I’m allowed to listen to my heart by taking in consideration all the thoughts flowing through my mind


• how to live the present moment.
• how to connect with my true self.
• how to be myself with others.


Thanks Jim.

Greg B., Visiting coach from France

Working with Jim one to one as well as with my team has been transformational. He’s pulled together his deep knowledge of psychology, self-improvement, performance, spirituality, and coaching into a powerful framework which has helped us (and I’m sure all of his clients) lead happier, purpose-driven lives…and achieve amazing results. Jim is hard working, highly committed to what he does and is also fun to spend time with. Also, he is a first draft pick if you are thinking of having a snowball fight.

Ivan Schofield, Director, Western Europe, YUM! Brands

Jim, what can I say after experiencing your coaching for 2.5 hours. I came with trepidation, hesitancy and a bit of discomfort. I left with joy, insight and motivation. You dug deep, and did some serious surgery on me using your unique approach of Neuro Linguistic programming. As a coach myself, I had to let go of observing what you were doing, get out of my monkey mind and just trust the experience along with your wisdom and professionalism.


I know I cried a lot, felt the shame and fear of my past, but broke through in a way that I did not understand completely. Now more than a week later it feels like someone put a drain in my heart and flushed out all the garbage and pain of the past. I was healed, freed and am now embarking on the narrow road and steep trail of being who I am fearlessly, optimistically and dynamically.


I can never thank you enough for being the facilitator to my freedom, joy and renewal. I have so much to say, so much freedom, so much courage and love and release from the past. I am incredibly grateful to God for bringing you into my life.


Not a day passes by without quoting from Inner Excellence. The book is underlined and coming apart–my life has been transformed in many ways by it’s truth. I’ve recommended it to every one of my coaching clients. Truly, Inner Excellence is a work of 10,000 hours.


Thanks for modeling love, wisdom and courage, as a fierce and caring coach,  to go places with me that I was scared to go alone.  Namaste.  God bless you. Vaya Con Dios.





Jonathan Michael, Executive Coach, Foresight Leadership Solutions