Jim, this was an amazing and exciting experience (Inner Excellence retreat). I can assure you it will have a significant impact on my life. So a big thank you and I can’t wait to talk to you again for the 1:1. What was most valuable to me from the retreat: Defining my purpose, learning how to use it in my life at home and at work, learning how to be fully engaged, mind/body/spirit.

Segolene Defline, Market Director, KFC France

“One session working with Jim changed a lifetime of experiences for me. I had some traumatic events in my life as a child. Jim taught me about human behavior and helped me access fears stuck in my subconscious mind. In dealing directly with the event, I saw my mother hugging me and saying she loved me, something that had neither been done nor said in many years. It was such a load off my shoulders, even though it was only on my end as I hadn’t spoken to my mother in a long time. A few months later I visited my mother, this time with forgiveness and an open heart, and she greeted me with a hug and said she loved me, just like I saw in my session with Jim.”

Yazmin Sanchez Pineda, Engineer

I feel so blessed and honored that I had the opportunity to work with you this week. What helped me the most at the retreat: the ability to define my purpose in life, learning to stay centered and drop my attachments, and the power of unconditional love.

Mark van ‘t Loo, Market Director, YUM! Brands, KFC Netherlands

(On a scale of 1-10) You were a 15—10 is too low a score for you. I don’t think you realize what a big impact you had on us. You’re a very powerful person and I will treasure the time we spent together.

Rick S., Pitcher, Team Canada

I just got back from the Nova Scotia Amateur Championship. I had one of the best golfing moments of my career and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made that putt or even have been in that situation if it wasn’t for Jim’s help over the past year.


Before working with Jim, our team was plagued with underachievement and a lack of team unity. In one year, Jim turned our team into Canadian and U.S. national champions – both firsts in school history. Neither titles would have been possible without Jim’s guidance and inspiration! I cannot thank Jim enough for his coaching, guidance, and inspiration over the past 3 years. He has helped me become a better golfer, team captain, student, and individual than I thought possible. My time on the UBC varsity golf team has passed but I will continue to seek Jim’s guidance, read his books, and live my life accordingly. I wish everyone could be exposed to Jim’s coaching!

Sean Hurley, Team Captain, UBC American and Canadian national champions

I read Inner Excellence from cover to cover and it will change your life. The book is a must read IF you desire to transform your personal and professional identity into something beyond the ordinary.

Ronn Svetich, Performance Coach, Colorado Rockies professional baseball team

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Your coaching had a huge impact on my life, not just baseball. You’ve helped me incredibly as an athlete and as a person. Much of the values I have I’ve taken from you. For the Olympics I was in the best shape of my life mentally and physically—I was totally focused and in the zone.

Ian Holness, South African Olympic Team (Ian went 4 for 4 with a double and 2 home runs, including the game-winner, to lead S.A. to their huge upset victory in the Olympics over the Netherlands)

Jim, Maybe that is why I took this job and we struggled early. Simply to have the chance to meet you. Either way I know I’m a better coach and know I will use you and your methods, wherever this crazy profession leads me in the future. I also want you to know what a positive impact you had on our team. I’m getting nothing but tremendous feedback from everyone. Even our most hardened guys are telling me how awesome your stuff was. Great job man. Take care and keep up the good work. Look forward to talking soon.

Lane B., Assistant coach, Kansas State University baseball

I first got in touch with Jim’s Inner Excellence program through his book. It was a gift from Yum! CEO, David Novak, to different executives across the organization.


It came to me at a crucial point in my professional life, as I was playing a new role for a year with much more scope and responsibility, and I was feeling the pressure (mostly coming from myself) to meet the expectations from others.  What impacted me the most at that time was to learn to be completely focused on the present; not on the past that I cannot change, nor the future which is beyond my control.


Inner Excellence helped me operate with a clear vision of where I’m heading and laser focus on the present, which is the only thing I have control.  It made a huge impact, as I let go on the anxiety created by myself and others, allowing me to perform with confidence, hence improving my impact and performance.


Six months later, my boss brought together the entire team for a one week retreat with Jim himself.  It was a turning point for my personal and professional life.


The Inner Excellence retreat helped me look deep inside, to what defines me, which are my beliefs and values. This set the ground to find the most meaningful outcome of the course: to have absolute clarity on my purpose. As a Christian believer, I had some work done on this before. But the atmosphere and surroundings created the mindset and inspiration to connect with it and I was able to state it as I have never done before.  I found with Jim a lot of common beliefs, which helped me polish and elevate them.


Six months after the retreat, I’ve changed in so many ways, how I interact with people, impact others and avoid judgements, that I’ve been enjoying my work and family life as I never done before, and as a result improving my performance dramatically.  But all of these by first connecting with God’s unconditional love and beauty, which was immensely reinforced by Jim.

Manuel Zamudio, General Manager, KFC Spain, YUM! Brands

Don’t change a thing Jim. You are excellent at what you do and we have a gold medal to prove it. It would be interesting to work with you for a season not just one week. I could sit and listen to you for hours because I enjoy the psych side of what it takes to win.

Korrey G., Top Pitcher, ISF World Championships, Team Canada