We’ll do whatever it takes to get you back. You were the #1 factor in how we did what we did last year.

Brandon M., UBC golfer, after winning US and Canadian national championships—first time in US and Canadian history

Jim, I wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me. You gave me the hope to become the person I wanted to be, by telling me, it’s possible because others did.


• I realized I can realize my deepest dreams.
• I realized I wasn’t crazy.
• I realized I was in the right way for my life, consequently most of the doubts disappeared.


And because my confidence grew so much I have started to truly live. You gave me a key which can open all the doors. Everything is happening NOW. (I was sure this key was somewhere on earth, I was looking for it many years. I followed my heart, completely blind by the hope to find it, and I came to Vancouver and I finally got it).


The most helpful things you’ve taught me: I’m allowed to listen to my heart by taking in consideration all the thoughts flowing through my mind


• how to live the present moment.
• how to connect with my true self.
• how to be myself with others.


Thanks Jim.

Greg B., Visiting coach from France

Coach Jim’s preparation of our team for the Olympics was much more than physical. Not only was I in the best shape of my life, but mentally I was totally prepared.

V. Barriman, Olympic athlete

I truly believe that my experience at the Olympic Games and the utmost fulfillment I feel now is because of Jim’s teachings. He taught me how to feel truly alive, how to focus and how to be fully present in those moments when you are doing something you truly love.

Heather B., All-American, 2008 Olympian, swimming

Training with Jim changed my life. I’ve grown in many ways, not the least of which is having far more confidence.

D. Lee, Pacific Northwest Coaches

I had the chance to work with Jim Murphy who was a big part of my mental approach to baseball and life—thanks Jim!

Kevan Burns, Outfielder, Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals organizations

Jim’s a phenomenal coach. The work he’s done with athletes and teams, turning around careers, winning national championships, it’s amazing. He brings a presence to every team he works with. He’s such a great communicator—he seems to know the athletes better than they know themselves. I can’t say enough about Jim.

Ricky Scruggs, President, Centerfield Baseball Academy, former professional baseball player and All-Big West first baseman

I’ve learned so much working with you, not just how to be the best athlete I can be, but how to truly live. Thank you for everything. I hope to continue our relationship long after my career is over.

Andrew C, outside hitter, men's volleyball, University of British Columbia

Jim, Thanks so much for all you’ve done. I was just telling my wife what a huge impact you’ve had on the team. Your work with the guys has made a tremendous difference. The coaches and players all agree what a big help you’ve been.

Brad H., Head coach, Kansas State baseball, (they played for the Big 12 championship for the first time in school history)

Jim is one of those rare coaches who’s knowledge of strength and conditioning is equal to his knowledge and skill in coaching the mental part of the game.

Jay I., Medical coordinator, Toronto Blue Jays