Mental Toughness: Train your heart and mind to be a world-class leader

Extraordinary leadership is to take a group of people in a difficult situation and unite them in a way that creates extraordinary results. So many factors pull each team member in various directions–their personal fears and agenda, group dynamics, economic challenges, and so much more. It’s the leaders that have an expanded vision, one that connects to the heart of each team member, that create extraordinary results. Great teams are built by leaders who create a work environment where people connect with a purpose beyond themselves.


My name is Jim Murphy. I’ve spent over 10,000 hours studying how top executives, general managers, leaders, and performers have led their team to breakthrough results. Since then I’ve been coaching executives around the world to become extraordinary leaders by teaching them the three principles at the center of it all: Lead with your heart, Expand your vision, and Be fully present.


These three principles of Inner Excellence, based on the values of love, wisdom, and courage, have empowered leaders worldwide for centuries. The key to changing the world is to have a purpose beyond yourself, a vision that empowers others, and the presence to see all possibilities in every adversity.

Do you make this mistake?

There’s one major mistake most executives make: they’re so focused on the bottom line that they get attached to their goals, which they can’t fully control.┬áThis creates stress and anxiety amongst themselves and their teams as they lose focus on the moment-to-moment process. Instead of learning and growing and achieving those goals, they get attached to the past and worry about the future.


Their work environment becomes filled with the constant tension of chasing numbers, clients, and success, which they cannot fully control, when what they really want is to feel alive, to share great experiences with their family, to truly live.


Thankfully you can do both. That is, truly live, and be an extraordinary leader. How you see the world, and process what you see, is crucial to how you and your team performs in it. It may be time to see it a bit differently.