April 03, 2010

Murphy Power Shake: Are You Empowering Your Mind and Body With Whole Foods?

How is your energy?


If it’s not where you want it to be, your fuel may be the problem.


Think about what you ate yesterday. Was it mostly plant-based, whole foods? Or was it processed “food”? If your energy is not what you’d like it to be, and you’re exercising regularly, you may want to consider the Murphy Power Shake.


If you’ve read Inner Excellence, you may recall that your state (or energy) comes from where you place your attention (and the image that this creates), what you do with your desires, and your physiology. We all have a body that wants instant gratification–it always wants to feel good. But discipline is the ability to delay gratification, so you can pursue the life you want.


Your physiology is largely made up of what you eat and drink and how well and how often you exercise. The Murphy Power Shake is a nutrient-dense, whole food shake that is not only very tasty, but it’s a way to get the nutrients in your system where otherwise you would not.


This recipe is meant to fill your blender. I drink one big glass for breakfast and have the rest on following days (saves the work of making the shake and cleaning up).






Blend the spinach and cilantro together with a half cup of cold water or juice.


Cut up the apple and pear and blend.


Blend in banana.


Blend in frozen fruit.


Blend in almonds, all powders and oil with 1/4 cup or so of your favorite juice (or water) for 10-20 seconds max. (overblending will cause too much frothiness from powders).


Taste.  Should be scrumptious.  If not quite there, add more blueberries or frozen juice to sweeten. If too thick, add more juice or water. (It will be thick).  :)




1.    Fruit
Try any of these, mix and match according to your taste.  Also look at what’s in season.  Blueberries are favorites of mine for their taste and high antioxidant level.
a.    strawberries (5 or 6 frozen – you will need a strong blender)
b.    blueberries (1 cup or more – frozen)
c.    banana (1 fresh)
d.    pear (1 fresh)
e.    apple (1 fresh)

2.    leafy green vegetables

Spinach, cilantro, kale, or parsley. (Usually I’ll put in a handful of 2 of these and rotate days).

3.    Udo’s Choice oil blend*              1-4 tablespoons per serving
4.    cinnamon, turmeric,                1/4 teaspoon turmeric, 1 teaspoon cinnamon
5.    Protein powder                        1 scoop
6.    Almonds                                 1/2 cup to 1 cup

7.   Hemp powder                           1 scoop

8.   Flax seed powder                      1 scoop

9.   Extra virgin Coconut Oil              1-4 tablespoons


Udo’s Choice can be substituted with other Essential Fatty Acid oils.




Apple Cider Vinegar (couple teaspoons- helps with digestion)

Chili powder (lightly sprinkle–anti-inflammatory and gives a little kick)

Ideally you use whole flax seeds and grind them just beforehand, or let them sit in water for an hour or so to get the EFA oils out of them. Pour the whole glass in the blender.

Frozen 100% juice. This can be used to sweeten as necessary.

Use in-season fruits and leafy greens. Note: If you’re concerned about the fat in coconut oil, click here.




This shake should be very tasty–as in your kids should love the taste.  If not, something needs to be adjusted.  The color should be purple.  It has a lot of good calories.  It’s high in protein, high in essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.  Ideally eaten in the morning for your first meal, or after your workout.  Don’t eat it too late at night.




Please be sure and consult your doctor before trying this shake if you’re taking medicine. Fish oil and other oils can thin your blood which can be problematic if you’re already on blood thinners.


A good quality protein powder is cross-flow microfiltered (CFM) whey protein isolate.  Try to at least get whey protein isolate as the major ingredient, and then try different brands to taste.  I use strawberry flavor generally. Let me know how it turns out for you. This could become a habit that changes your life!


Caution:  this shake builds champions.


Thanks to Dr. John Pidutti, ND for his continued ideas and help over the years with the shake.


Photo credit: Ryan Wiedmaier