August 06, 2013

Mental Skills Coach

Featured Player:
Hunter Mahan


Area of Expertise:
Jim Murphy is the Mental Skills Coach to PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players. In 2012 he’s worked with Hunter Mahan, Henrik Stenson and Troy Matteson on tour.


Jim was a pro baseball player (Chicago Cubs organization) and coach (Texas Rangers) before starting his business as a Performance Coach. His clients have achieved extraordinary success in amateur and professional sports as well as the Olympic Games. Jim has a degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Coaching Science, and is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


For his best-selling book Inner Excellence (McGraw-Hill), he spent 10,000 hours researching, interviewing and writing about peak performance and living with fullness of life. His book has changed the lives of athletes and leaders around the world.


What This Means to You:
Every single stroke in golf requires focus and clarity. Most amatuers could reduce their stroke count and lower their score significantly with greater awareness and mental toughness. Jim Murphy will show you how to think like the pros!


Follow Jim on twitter @innerexcellence and to contact Jim for speaking engagements, lectures, group or individual assessments.


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