Jim, I wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me. You gave me the hope to become the person I wanted to be, by telling me, it’s possible because others did.


• I realized I can realize my deepest dreams.
• I realized I wasn’t crazy.
• I realized I was in the right way for my life, consequently most of the doubts disappeared.


And because my confidence grew so much I have started to truly live. You gave me a key which can open all the doors. Everything is happening NOW. (I was sure this key was somewhere on earth, I was looking for it many years. I followed my heart, completely blind by the hope to find it, and I came to Vancouver and I finally got it).


The most helpful things you’ve taught me: I’m allowed to listen to my heart by taking in consideration all the thoughts flowing through my mind


• how to live the present moment.
• how to connect with my true self.
• how to be myself with others.


Thanks Jim.

Greg B., Visiting coach from France