Jim, what can I say after experiencing your coaching for 2.5 hours. I came with trepidation, hesitancy and a bit of discomfort. I left with joy, insight and motivation. You dug deep, and did some serious surgery on me using your unique approach of Neuro Linguistic programming. As a coach myself, I had to let go of observing what you were doing, get out of my monkey mind and just trust the experience along with your wisdom and professionalism.


I know I cried a lot, felt the shame and fear of my past, but broke through in a way that I did not understand completely. Now more than a week later it feels like someone put a drain in my heart and flushed out all the garbage and pain of the past. I was healed, freed and am now embarking on the narrow road and steep trail of being who I am fearlessly, optimistically and dynamically.


I can never thank you enough for being the facilitator to my freedom, joy and renewal. I have so much to say, so much freedom, so much courage and love and release from the past. I am incredibly grateful to God for bringing you into my life.


Not a day passes by without quoting from Inner Excellence. The book is underlined and coming apart–my life has been transformed in many ways by it’s truth. I’ve recommended it to every one of my coaching clients. Truly, Inner Excellence is a work of 10,000 hours.


Thanks for modeling love, wisdom and courage, as a fierce and caring coach,  to go places with me that I was scared to go alone.  Namaste.  God bless you. Vaya Con Dios.





Jonathan Michael, Executive Coach, Foresight Leadership Solutions