Coming off a season filled with a lack of confidence and underachievement, Jim was highly recommended from a close friend who was also a pro baseball player. I found Jim’s coaching to be a perfect fit for expressing my troubles and fears as he was able to relate, having played at the highest level. Not knowing what to expect, he taught me lessons that exceeded the baseball field.


I learned so much working with Jim beyond sports like the power of being able to control your mind and take control of your thoughts and actions. Acquiring this ability through various skills like awareness, visualization, and affirmation opened up a brand new perspective towards the game I play and the life I live. The confidence that came from having a mental advantage over my competition allowed me to have one of the best seasons of my career. The turnaround in one season was unbelievable (note: Kyle’s batting average improved 160 points.)


Working with Jim is the best thing I’ve ever done. My career went from total frustration and failure to the point where the word baseball made me sick to my stomach—into a year where I led the team in most offensive categories and got drafted by the Texas Rangers.


“It’s the greatest turnaround I’ve seen in my 29 years of baseball.” – Big 12 head coach Ritch Price, commenting on Kyle Murphy’s turnaround

Kyle Murphy, Outfielder, Texas Rangers organization