I first got in touch with Jim’s Inner Excellence program through his book. It was a gift from Yum! CEO, David Novak, to different executives across the organization.


It came to me at a crucial point in my professional life, as I was playing a new role for a year with much more scope and responsibility, and I was feeling the pressure (mostly coming from myself) to meet the expectations from others.  What impacted me the most at that time was to learn to be completely focused on the present; not on the past that I cannot change, nor the future which is beyond my control.


Inner Excellence helped me operate with a clear vision of where I’m heading and laser focus on the present, which is the only thing I have control.  It made a huge impact, as I let go on the anxiety created by myself and others, allowing me to perform with confidence, hence improving my impact and performance.


Six months later, my boss brought together the entire team for a one week retreat with Jim himself.  It was a turning point for my personal and professional life.


The Inner Excellence retreat helped me look deep inside, to what defines me, which are my beliefs and values. This set the ground to find the most meaningful outcome of the course: to have absolute clarity on my purpose. As a Christian believer, I had some work done on this before. But the atmosphere and surroundings created the mindset and inspiration to connect with it and I was able to state it as I have never done before.  I found with Jim a lot of common beliefs, which helped me polish and elevate them.


Six months after the retreat, I’ve changed in so many ways, how I interact with people, impact others and avoid judgements, that I’ve been enjoying my work and family life as I never done before, and as a result improving my performance dramatically.  But all of these by first connecting with God’s unconditional love and beauty, which was immensely reinforced by Jim.

Manuel Zamudio, General Manager, KFC Spain, YUM! Brands