March 06, 2010

Wisdom is knocking on your door – are you listening?

The goal of seeking wisdom is to see things as they really are, or at least closer to it, so we can get in tune with the greatness all around us.


It’s easy to get tromped by our ever-changing circumstancess, attached to what we want, unable to see past our expectations and limited vantage point.


We are constantly deceived by the story we create around our present situation. We judge each moment, label it good or bad, then react emotionally to it. In our perpetual state of reaction, we become a pawn of our circumstances, tossed around like a leaf in the wind.


Have you considered that each circumstance in your life is here to teach you or help you, that perhaps your judgment is often made without all the information? There is beauty and greatness in that knowledge alone.


In our stories of how things should be, we overlook the truth with our self-conscious glasses and are unable to appreciate our good fortune. If you live today as if you are greater than your circumstance, as if you are not your problems, then you can see clearly and take the best action in the next moment.


Photo credit: Wisdom card, Louise Hay