The Inner Excellence Leadership Retreat — bring inner excellence to your leadership team

Create a work environment where your team is so aligned in their personal and professional vision that work is an expression of their purpose. Tap into the creativity and passion of the mind, body, spirit of your team and in so doing, achieve extraordinary results.


Leading with Presence and Purpose

Experience a life-changing retreat to develop your team into extraordinary leaders through the power of purpose and presence. Take your team to an off-site for this world-class retreat — one you’ll never forget.


Your team will learn about and practice ways to expand competencies such as:

  • How to live out of your true self
  • How to change the direction of influence in your life (from circumstances to purpose)
  • What drives human behavior (learn the 5 Human Needs and 3 Motivations)
  • Learn the 4 laws of the mind
  • How to have non-judgmental awareness
  • Address any fears or traumas with your 1:1 with Jim Murphy
  • Avoid the biggest mistake most executives make (which really impacts performance)
  • Life purpose: Everyone will walk away with their own life purpose
  • Take the Inner Excellence challenge (hint: freedom is the key)
  • How to connect with your direct report or client through the power of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • An introduction to the fear-beauty continuum
  • Learn about the power of desire and how to direct it
  • And much more!


This retreat is based on three two-hour sessions per day, with a four hour session of outdoor activity (ie. Snow skiing, hiking, bicycling; tailored to specific group). Each session has a key concept and application, along with time for discussion and an exercise to try it out.


The Inner Excellence Leading with Presence and Purpose retreat gives you tools on how to train your mind, live out of your true self, and be fully engaged with no attachments holding you and your team back: in every meeting, every tough conversation, every challenging conflict.


Your team will get tools they will use the rest of their careers, in their work and personal life. Take the culture of your organization to the next level. Take your team to an off-site and truly learn the principles of Inner Excellence.


Jim Murphy is the world’s leading performance coach, teaching executives around the world how to be extraordinary leaders, fully-engaged in the moment, with no attachments holding them back.