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Train your mind to focus,
your heart to love,
& your body to be fully engaged. I’ll show you how.

After my career as a professional athlete ended, after finishing my Master’s Degree in Coaching Science, I spent five years in full-time research and writing how an Olympic athlete could spend four years training for an event that would last less than 60 seconds and be filled with peace and confidence—with so much out of their control. I’ve been coaching professional athletes around the world ever since (who’ve had phenomenal success), and now I’ve decided to share the entire system with you: the mindset and psychology, exercises and habits and all the tools we use.

Here’s the secret sauce:


1. Lead with your heart—and perform with freedom (love)

2. Expand your vision—and see what’s possible (wisdom)

3. Be fully present—and fully experience the moment (courage)


1. Belief

2. Freedom

3. Focus

When I was in the desert I made an astonishing discovery: The foundation for training your mind for extraordinary performance and the foundation for the best possible life are the same foundation. Everything I share with my clients and now with you is based on helping you expand what you believe is possible, live and perform with freedom (and passion!), and be fully engaged in the moment (focus).

On this page you’ll find resources to help you train your heart and mind, and fill them both with love, wisdom, and courage.

The biggest [obstacle to peak performance] for most performers, in my thirty years, is overanalysis—the tendency, for the right reasons, to start overanalyzing things, which interferes with having a total focus when performing. The second-biggest obstacle is caring too much, getting almost obsessed with having...

If there’s one thing I tell my clients most, it has to be this:  The foundation for extraordinary performance is your mindset for what you’re pursuing and why you’re pursuing it.  Your mindset is your overall attitude and way of thinking that comes from how you perceive...

The three things that limit performance, in ever sport, in every aspect of life, and at all levels is this: lack of belief, lack of focus, and lack of freedom.  Whether you’re a concert pianist, and professional video game player, or a PGA Tour golfer, these...

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