Inner Excellence VIP Newsletters

By: Jim Murphy

The VIP newsletter goes out the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. The purpose of the VIP newsletter is to help you perform with peace and confidence and live the best possible life. Each newsletter contains tools and techniques to train your heart and mind for extraordinary performance.

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SEPT 17 The Extraordinary Power of Love

SEPT 03 The Astonishing Power of Surrender

AUG 20 How to be Afraid. Very Afraid. Or Not.

AUG 06 How to be Confident (and face any fear)

JUL 16 The Problem of Judgment

JUL 02 The Problem of Unbelief

JUN 18 Sacrifice: IX discipline #9

JUN 04 Fuel Your Soul: IX discipline #8

MAY 21 Examine Your Life: IX discipline #7

MAY 07 Be Grateful: IX discipline #6

APR 16 Celebrate: IX discipline #5

APR 02 What separates the best from the rest: IX discipline #4

MAR 19 The Five Obstacles to mental toughness

MAR 05 How to have mental toughness

FEB 19 How to be angry (but not negative)

FEB 05 Notes from the Phoenix Open

JAN 15 The Great Abatement: My Move Toward a Simpler Life

JAN 01 Know thy self: 46 questions for self-discovery and to review the year


DEC 18 Speak. The. Truth.

DEC 04 Shut. Your. Mouth.

NOV 20 How to Live the Best Possible Life (BPL)

NOV 06 Master the Masters: How to have emotional control – IX skill #7 of 7

OCT 16 Cate and the Comedian: How to perform with Freedom Under Pressure (IX skill #6 of 7)

OCT 02 How to Handle Adversity – IX skill #5

SEPT 18 How to Relax (and trust) – IX skill #4

SEPT 04 How to Focus – IX skill #3

AUG 21 How to Believe in Your Dreams – IX skill #2

AUG 07 How to Compete (And Perform) with Extraordinary Poise

JUL 17 How to Learn: 3 Keys and 3 Biggest Blocks to Get Really Good at Learning

JUL 03 Let Go of Your Mud Pies – And 99 cents Inner Excellence Book Sale – 24 Hours Only

JUN 19 How the Best in the World Make Decisions

JUN 05 I am the least racist person ever — and other lies I’ve told myself

MAY 22 This is the greatest challenge you face right now

MAY 15 Inner Excellence book launch and an Invitation

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