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“I read the first version of Inner Excellence six times. I recommend all my clients read it.”

Matt Killen

Matt Killen

PGA Tour coach to Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, and many others

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Jim Murphy

After five years of full-time research and writing (post Master’s degree) for the book Inner Excellence—two and a half of those years in the relative isolation of the desert—I discovered a powerful, groundbreaking idea.

The heart is the key to extraordinary performance.

In a world of constant comparison and endless noise clamoring for our attention, it’s not surprising we’re caught up in our heads, struggling to live and perform fully engaged, heart, mind and body.

While in the desert, I uncovered another astonishing discovery: the pursuit of extraordinary performance and the pursuit of the best possible life are the same path.

This realization changed my life.

Inner Excellence is an entire lifestyle and training system based on centuries-old principles of love, wisdom, and courage. These three powerful virtues are designed to help you, whether you’re a professional athlete or everyday citizen, perform extraordinarily and live with absolute fullness of life.

“Inner Excellence transformed my life—as a caddie, a father, and a husband. The book is a masterpiece.”

Brandon Parsons

Brandon Parsons

PGA Tour veteran caddie

Inner Excellence shows you HOW TO:

Develop mental toughness

Conquer fear

Have grit

Train your subconscious mind

Overcome mental blocks, fears & anxiety

Live with deep contentment, joy & confidence

We’ll see how the basic principles are the same, whether you’re an athlete or an executive, an Olympic team or corporate group. We’ll explore the concept of selfless-actualization and the ways in which the study of extraordinary people teaches us to perform our best and truly live.

“Inner Excellence has had a dramatic impact on how I approach my life and how I play hockey.”

Kevin Connauton

Kevin Connauton

Defensemen, Arizona Coyotes

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Vaughn Taylor

Vaughn Taylor

Three-time PGA Tour winner

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