Inner Excellence Book Launch and an Invitation

By: Jim Murphy

I know that things are crazy right now, but I also know that this may be a great time of growth for you as well, if you’re open to it. 

A little update:  In 2010, Inner Excellence: Achieve Extraordinary Business Success Through Mental Toughness landed on bookshelves around the world. Since then I’ve traveled to about twenty countries (back when travel was allowed ?) , coaching professional athletes and executives, and leading Inner Excellence offsite retreats.

Two weeks ago I launched a completely revised edition of Inner Excellence: Train Your Mind for Extraordinary Performance and the Best Possible Life, with about 85% new content. It reached Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release in 12 categories and bestseller in 3 categories.

The Invitation: Join our Inner Excellence community with the VIP email list. To stay on this list, do nothing, you’re already in!

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By the way, I respond to every email from the VIP list. Try it! Reply to this email and let me know how you’re doing.  Let’s learn and grow together! 

Love Jim

Click here to download a sample chapter of the book.

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