The 7 Beliefs of the Most Extraordinary Performers in the World (and their Mindset)

By: Jim Murphy


  • The Inner Excellence mindset:
    • I compete to raise the level of excellence in my life, to learn and grow, in order to raise it in others.
  • The most extraordinary lives ever lived (and many of the world’s best performers), had a mindset that went way beyond personal performance. They lived and performed in the most selfless and therefore fearless way they could imagine; this allowed them to get out of their own way and become a wholehearted warrior, the one who’s routinely fully engaged in the moment, heart, mind and body, independent of results and circumstances.
  • They weren’t in it for success, they were in it to become part of the most powerful energy in the universe, the energy that grows the grass, spins the earth, and holds the stars in place–glory far beyond the cheers and monetary rewards.

Note: Thank you for all the prayers for my sister Naomi. She continues to inspire our family as she fights for her life. Although we trust her doctors (and her incredible caregiver Jamie), they are not who we are ultimately relying on. We trust that God has got her, no matter what.

“I’m always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.” – Vincent Van Gogh

  1. I compete to learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable, to see what’s possible, to transform my heart from pursuing transactions to get more for myself, to seeing what I can share with the world.
  2. I compete to develop self-mastery, which is largely mastering my ego and my feelings. I realize that selfless is fearless… so when I compete selflessly there’s no self to defend, no comparison, no fear, and no self-concern. I understand that when I’m willing to face any feeling, I can be fearless.
  3. I’m grateful for the opportunity to compete for the competition itself—to fully experience the moment and help my opponent do the same… so we can both become someone we’ve never been before. My goal is to share something beautiful with my opponent and the audience. No matter what the result, I can share the beauty of my struggle and relentless pursuit of excellence.
  4. I crave adversity and challenges as a means of seeing the truth of who I am in that moment, and therefore who I can become. I compete to develop my character so I can become the type of person who can handle any adversity, who embraces challenges and is always curious rather than judgmental. I compete to bring my true self to the world, the one that is wholehearted and fully engaged, heart, mind and body.
  5. I realize my true potential is primarily unlocked in a spiritual journey; that it’s a pursuit of the heart (the body follows), and that the best possible life is one filled with deep contentment, joy, and confidence, independent of circumstances.
  6. In competition, I don’t know what result is best for me; for me to win, or my opponent. The best thing for me and my life, may not be for me to get what I want. Therefore, every competition is win/win. If I get the outcome I want, I get to enjoy that. If I don’t, I get to learn and master my ego, which has far longer lasting impact.
  7. Every performance I have 4 goals (how I learn and grow):
    1. Give it my best shot (100% of what I have that day)
    2. Be fully present.
    3. Be grateful.
    4. Focus on my routines and only what I can control.

I’d love to hear, in the greatest moments of your life, if any of these 7 beliefs match your experience. Or perhaps you had a mindset or particular focus different than listed above that you found an incredible help in maximizing your performance (and/or life). I’d love to hear that as well!

Love Jim


I’ll be in the Seattle, Wa area until July 8 when I fly to Amsterdam. I’ll be there for two days, then St. Andrews, Scotland for a week, back in Seattle for a week or so, then likely British Columbia the last week of July. Hope to see you in my travels.


Thank you for your patience. I think this is the first article in over two years that went out after midnight PST on the first or third Friday of the month. If you find these articles valuable, I’d love to hear.

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