The Questions

By: Jim Murphy


  • One of the primary differences between those who learn and grow and those who do not is the questions they’re asking… of themselves, God and the universe.
  • The great students are constantly seeking self-awareness so they can know can know who they are and therefore what’s possible in their lives, and especially, what God and the universe is asking of them.
  • Most often when you’re stuck in some aspect in life, it’s because you’re caught up in the past with a limiting belief or just asking the wrong questions.

Note: This article is dedicated to those suffering in the devastation in Gaza, Ukraine and East Africa. Please donate to provide humanitarian aid.


“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.” Claude Levi-Strauss

Everyone faces challenges and adversity; the question is: do you see them as your teachers or your adversaries?

The main difference between the best students and everyone else is that the great ones see adversity as a way to learn and grow, and the rest see adversity as a personal failure, an embarrassment to be ashamed of.

Thus most people end up engaging in battles that go nowhere, the lose/lose type. They’re arguing with those who will argue, fighting with those who want to fight, rather then learning and growing with those who aspire to greatness. Emmanuel Acho shared a recent quote, “The battles you engage in reveal the level that you’re on.”

Choose your battles wisely. Start with great questions.

As we come to the final page of the calendar, here’s some questions to consider:

  1. What good reason do I have not to change everything in my life and everyone on my team (if you run a business)?
    • It’s always good to examine your life and everything in it, and make sure you have good reasons for the place everything holds.
  2. What can I do to simplify my life?
    • Most people spend too much time on things not aligned with their purpose and things that distract from their goals and dreams and dissipates their energy.
  3. How can I ruthlessly eliminate hurry from my life?
    • Busyness and a cluttered mind are two of the great enemies of the heart/spirit-led life.
  4. Am I speaking the truth about the past to create possibilities in the future?
    • For anything that you don’t want to continue, make sure you speak it (truthfully) as past tense.
  5. How can I be more grateful?
    • Gratitude, inner peace, inner strength, beauty and mental toughness are all closely related.
    • To be more grateful, practice looking for the three smallest moments every day and share them at dinner with your family.
    • If you’re not grateful, you’re entitled. There’s no in between.
  6. How can I expand what I believe is possible?
    • To be all I can be, I need to dream beyond what I’ve ever been.
    • Try to get at least one second of a tingling feeling of excitement every day by imagining possibilities.
  7. How can I celebrate more?
    • When you celebrate the smallest moments, you connect with the beauty and grace and goodness inherent in the universe.
  8. How can I fuel my heart and soul with more love, wisdom and courage?
    • You’re filling your heart and mind with fuel every day by everything you watch, listen to, read, speak about and people you spend time with. Make sure it’s empowering.
  9. How can I be more selfless and therefore fearless?
    • If you’re anxious or afraid, the most likely cause is too many thoughts about self.

Perhaps the most important question… Who am I becoming?… is answered by the question, What do I love most?

What you love most determines what you think about, dream about and fret about most. It’s what’s running your life. And when you come to the end of your life, you’ll want to make sure that what you loved most was what God and the universe had asked of you.

Let me know the questions you’ve been asking.

Love Jim

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