Notes From the Phoenix Open

By: Jim Murphy

Note: We’re taking a break from the series on the 7 disciplines of Inner Excellence to share this update.

  • My Apple MacBook laptop crashed. Apple stores are closed here in Arizona due to covid. I’m typing this out on my iPhone with my thumbs. 
  • I’m at the Phoenix open where the crowds are normally crazy like when Tiger did this. This year there’s only a few thousand fans allowed vs the normal 200,000 a day. 
  • I’m staying with three caddies who’ve won countless PGA Tour events and Majors. Every night we talk Inner excellence.

“Freedom is not so much the absence of restrictions as finding the right ones, the liberating ones.” – Tim Keller

This question came up Wednesday night: 

How can you have freedom (performing/golfing) when people are judging?

4 ways:

1 Surrender to the moment (let go of control) like a martial arts master

2 Be fully present – there’s no anxiety, fear or self-concern

3 Be selfless/no concern for self (self-mastery/ego mastery)

4 Love your opponent (you can read about it in chapter 10 of Inner excellence). 

What do you say? How can we have freedom when people are judging us and/or our performance?

Love Jim
Our little retreat center closes February 26. I’ll be homeless soon. Then I’ll be living out of a bus. 

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