The Great Abatement

By: Jim Murphy

Note: We are taking a break from the series on the 7 disciplines of Inner Excellence to share this special New Year announcement.


  • Abate: to become smaller or less intense; lessen, reduce or remove
  • My little retreat center/home went on the market today.
  • I’m planning on buying a bus and turning it into a mobile podcast studio–and my new home.

In October, 2014 I purchased my little retreat center here in Pt. Roberts, a very unique part of the United States. The purpose was to have a place where people could come experience Inner Excellence and/or just have a rest amidst the deer and bald eagles by the ocean. 

Today it went on the market.

My plan is to buy a tour bus and take all the seats out and make it into a mobile podcast studio and my new home. And get a dog. And focus on serving more people. And spend more time in nature. And follow the PGA Tour (pre-covid I went to 6 or 7 events a year–perhaps it will be double that–or more) for a season or two. 

My life purpose to is to share God’s love, wisdom, and courage with athletes and leaders around the world. My prayer is that this move to a simpler, nomadic life will allow me to do that in a greater way. 

What’s your purpose? Are you living the life you were created to live?

Love Jim
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